FMP – Year 1 (final week)


I’ve started the final week of FMP, in London on my internship – doing the stocktake. It’s allowed me to get a really well developed insight to the kinds of garment styles, fabrics and quality produced within the company as well as enabling me to familiarise myself with the stock, names and numbers. Although this has no direct benefit to my FMP, I am certainly learning a lot and gaining masses on industry experience. See ‘internship day 3’ post for further information.

Additionally having reviewed my photos over the weekend, I’ve decided that there are enough successful pictures to use as outcomes in themselves for showcasing. I will work on developing ideas for presentation during the week before hand in on the 7th June.


Having been inspired by the use of playing cards, I decided to dive straight in mounting 8 of the best disposable camera photos onto giant kings and queens. When I put together the house for the final show I intend on keeping these photos on the outside. I’ve thought out every aspect of the house of cards including the positioning of each photo and the amount of each photo used. This can be noted on my plan within my sketchbook and will be further explained in my artist statement.

Further to this I had the idea of using the wall space beside the house of cards to project the disposable camera film rolls using a light projector. I tested this out which didn’t prove to be so successful however it is a starting point that is definitely worth exploring, into next week.


As everything is due in tomorrow, I spent today drawing up a diagram for my showcase plan and filling in the form to go with it. I also wrote up my overall evaluation and began an artist statement to go alongside my work in the final show. See my blogposts on ‘Evaluation’ and ‘Artist Statement’ for these documents.

I also concluded that the light projector would not produce a clear enough focus to actually show the negatives so experimented with how I could present them. I tried using a light box which admittedly was the simplest method however I wanted there to be a big wall display by my work for dramatic impact. It was additionally suggested to me to select a few negatives and have them shown through the film developing equipment in the dark room and although this worked, it would mean either positioning the rest of my display next to the dark room, or having two entirely separate displays.

I’m not yet decided on the route I’d like to take so will have a 1to1 with the technicians about potential solutions.

In a short summary, I have fully enjoyed this project and feel I really utilised my prior knowledge and access to primary resources. I should’ve left more time to write up my evaluation and artist statement however overall I’m really pleased with the outcomes I’ve been able to produce. In conjunction to the interesting concepts I’ve explored throughout, I have really made an effort to create something different and outside the box to the standard fashion piece. I feel my display will look unique and hopefully will be a memorable edition to the displays. I look forward to the final showcase and seeing how people will react to my work.

I will upload photos and reviews once the show is over! 🙂

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