FMP – Year 1 (week 3)


This morning I had some time before I started work so decided to take Ingrid’s advice and experiment with some physical photographs. I printed photos from the ‘Power Dressing’ shoot onto glossy photo paper and conducted various experiments to produce a selection of outcomes. I used bleach, matches and a knife to physically manipulate the photos and am quite intrigued with the outcomes. The bleach seemed to cause the inks to run and reveal blue undertones much like the technique of chromatography. I was surprised at this all all examples I’d seen previously made the colours run with more orange tones. The matches were quite hard to use because I was in outdoor conditions and the wind kept blowing them out. I must’ve used about half a box of matches in desperate attempt to get the photos to set alight however after perseverance I finally got the result I was after. The outcomes were varied, aged in appearance but still bright in colour and fairly smooth to touch.

Despite liking the outcomes, I really can’t see myself using any of these techniques for my final showcase.



Tanya held a lesson this morning on the idea of the zeitgeist and using dominating concepts, events and movements to influence decisions within fashion. I really enjoyed learning about ‘the spirit of the times’ and found it interesting that even the most minor events in history (and the present) have been able to enforce such movements within industry. The concept of a zeitgeist is imperative for trend forecasting accurately therefore I will be writing up a more in depth blogpost regarding this subject.

After the lesson I went into the studio and created a simple collage using magazine cuttings and scraps of black material. The primary reason for this was inspiration because I want to soon begin my design ideas. With some of my other projects I’ve left garment construction until fairly late and consequently felt rushed with my annotations. This time however I want to spend more time writing as I feel it is one of my strengths and is thus the motive for my choice in writing a blog.


This morning on the way to college I was revisiting some of my earlier sketchbook work and decided there was one particular word that I’ve noticeably repeated and therefore wanted to zoom in on for workshop ideas. This word (being manipulation) encouraged me to conduct a google search and as a result led me to the discovery of origami. As I had quite limited knowledge on the subject, I watched a YouTube tutorial on how to make an origami shirt. I found it surprisingly easy and will be posting a separate entry on my findings. The shirt was a completely random subject to have created however it now has had me thinking about potential design ideas. I am currently considering that my strengths definitely do not lie within garment construction so perhaps I will explore upcycling existing garments such as, a shirt, to represent the manifestation into tyranny and controlled chaos that is bought within electing a tyrannical leader . The shirt starts out clean, respectable and reliable. Once it has been physically altered and had components added/removed it is no longer seen as the collected staple piece, but a chaotic reinvention of conventional sanity.

There is no college tomorrow so I’m going to begin drawing up a pattern for smocking. This technique is for fabric manipulation and is something that was suggested to me by the art technician earlier today when explaining my concept of manipulation.


While at home today I collected samples of fabric which I thought could be useful for either smocking or use in my upcycling of shirts. The first sample is a white PU vinyl material with shiny exterior surfaces. The interior is quite soft however overall its a very thick fabric so would be difficult for smocking. On the other hand it may prove useful for adding texture to one of my outcomes so I will definitely keep it in mind for future use. The second sample was a sheer, synthetic satin – possibly best used for a lining. It may not be very useful for my garments but I think the lightweight properties would make this fabric perfect for smocking. Next I picked out a really heavy black (velvet feeling) corduroy style material. The contents of the material are unknown however judging by the feel of it I’d say it’s probably of synthetic origin. I don’t like this fabric. It is too heavy and there is too much going on in terms of weight, pattern and colour making it unsuitable for garments at this time of year. Additionally due to the dark shade, smocking would be tricky as the pattern wouldn’t be very visible. The last two samples seemed to look more effective when layered one over another. They entirely contrast in texture – the top being very rough and rigid whereas the other seems smoother, softer and stretchy. The top is a kind of canvas which frays really easily when cut and I doubt would be of any particular use for my project although the underneath sample stays together well and could potentially replace sections of a shirt to add texture or movement.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to draw up a smocking pattern today so this will be the job for first thing tomorrow.


This morning was spend drawing up a smocking pattern using pattern paper which I will leave in my creative sketchbook along with my smocking sample. I followed a pattern based on printed instructions from Tanya and then further continued to smocking. I opted for a different fabric to those sampled yesterday and instead chose a white net. It is sheer, lightweight and allows me to clearly depict my pattern for a shorter, more achievable process. I didn’t finish the small sample even though it took me the entire day, which made concentration very difficult. I’ll finish off this workshop on Tuesday.

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