FMP – Year 1 (week 4)


Today I finished my smocking sample. It took me well over 3 hours to complete but despite this I’m really happy with the outcome. I feel as though this is something that I will probably use in my final outcome not only for the physical appearance but also for the contextual representation of manipulation. I’ve scanned the sample onto the computer and am considering making a print to apply to flat illustrations tomorrow.


Today’s lesson was spent in the Mac suite, rendering flat illustrations. I don’t enjoy putting together technical drawings as I find the process time consuming, boring and tedious however I feel that for this project especially, flat illustrations are really important. They will enable me to understand the full structure of a shirt, before beginning to come up with ideas for deconstruction and alteration. I used the adobe illustrator programme and a photograph of a shirt sourced online as a template for the image and ensured to make a clear mark of even the smaller details like stitching and button sizing.


Myself and a peer took a trip up to London today. I really wanted to get some final inspiration for garments before beginning the design process. Additionally I tried to collect imagery for when I want to begin mood boarding styling and presentation for the final showcase. We attended ‘the Flipside’ exhibition, an event run by Selfridges to explore what luxury means to various brands including Louis Vuitton. On arrival we were greeted by staff and escorted through to a dark room, lit only by the spotlights highlighting exhibits. The first collection of works were a room of round mirrors printed with quotes on ‘the Flipside’. The room was full of international people taking selfies in the round reflective glass and we seemed to find ourselves doing the same. I thought the layout and running order to be interesting in itself, showcasing different displays on a kind of runway, raised from the ground. It was a dark and quite sinister vibe however I understand that this would be the true flipside to what is considered modern day luxury and therefore fitting with the theme. In my opinion there was a clear motive to the event – to expose the less desirable alter ego of luxury. I like this idea of exposure and feel inspired to create a garment which could be seen to represent exposure of oppression within tyrannical reign. I will be uploading photographs onto a separate blog post on ‘ the Flipside’.


Sticking with the theme of manipulation, I bought in a women’s plain white button down shirt to alter and physically manipulate. I removed the collar by simply unpicking and used a template found online to draw up a hood. I pinned this onto the neckline of the shirt and dressed onto a mannequin. To further manipulate the shape, I pinned the fabric in different ways and photographed for inspiration.

Although I feel this experimental workshop allowed me to see a variation of outcomes, I’m not feeling very inspired by it. I don’t like the shape of the woman’s shirt and therefore will more than likely use men’s if shirts are what I chose to develop in my outcomes. Next week I want to look more into digital experimentation so think that Tuesdays lesson will be spent in the mac suite.

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