FMP – Year 1 (week 6)


Today was a really exciting and nerve wracking day for me. I started an internship with a small fashion house in London and really had no idea what to expect. For further details on how this went see my blogpost on ‘Internship day 1’.


I needed to start preparing some firmed up ideas today, before going on to making any other shirts. I knew the look of most of the shirts I wanted to make so it didn’t take long to draw up some digital sketches, using the Sketches app for iPad and an iPad pen. The first design was a cropped white shirt, with collar intact and a chunky black zip going down the front. On the image I included a pocket however I’m not particularly bothered whether it has 1 or 2. I also included some machine embroidery onto the back which spells out the word ‘tyranny’ in black lettering. I intend on doing this using the free machining technique. Next I drew a really basic line sketch also drawn using the sketches app. It’s sleeveless and has smocking on the back and although I feel this is undoubtedly an achievable outcome, I’m not entirely certain that I’ll include it within my final designs. It would have had the buttons removed and replaced with velcro too however I wasn’t sure how to represent this in a drawing. Penultimately was a white hooded shirt with machine embroidery on the back. I will not use this idea because I feel theres too much repetition of techniques (I made a hooded shirt in the fabric manipulation workshop and have incorporated machine embroidery into a previous design). I want designs that will stand out and for me this just doesn’t really work. Finally I drew up a design for the shirt which I’d already put together. I used fabric scraps from the back panel to provide a clear image of the design and used my original flat illustration as a starting point. Additionally I decided to include a bit of free machine embroidery on the right cuff and colour displaying the words ‘dictator’ and ‘tyranny’. This simple touch I was happy with because it just added a little extra something – it isn’t carrying the piece but adding to the existing effect. Further to the front and back illustrations, I produced a callout style image of the pocket which I intend on altering by adding a secondary pocket made of PVC.


Today I used the internet and collected secondary imagery, then collaged to form a small mood board of styling inspiration. The three big names which I will take most of my styling inspiration from are Heron Preston (SS18), Yeezy (season 6) and Off-white. I placed this towards the back of my sketchbook because it’s a piece I will need for after production – which I’ll continue tomorrow.


I was at my internship again today, putting together a final line up board for SS19. Personally I think a board of this style is a really clear way of showing the technical intentions for the collection. It’s laid out nicely and really helps just to give a final overview of the intended outcomes. For a more detailed summary on day 2, see my blogpost on ‘internship day 2’. Within my sketchbook I’ve drawn up a basic representation of the boards used within industry and intend on drawing up my own after I’ve completed my final ideas.


It was imperative that I concluded my final designs today. I already a clear vision in my head of the intended outcomes however I hadn’t yet put pen to paper. I spent the day photocopying technical drawings and altering them with Tippex and graphic design pens ton produce 3 outcomes (in my opinion) worthy of showcase. The first design was a completely new specification, including the use of photo transfer paper to print some of my expressions photography onto the shirt. The idea behind this was to truly illustrate the impacts had by the intended wearer (i.e. an unfair leader) on the people. I will use only black and white photographs to stick with the theme. On the back will be a small section of smocking to represent manipulation of power and control. I intend on drawing the pattern onto the outside of the shirt and leaving some of it exposed – to reveal the inner workings on manipulation, imitating the exposure of political exploitation and exercise of control. Finally I used the design from the callout style illustration of a pocket to add some further detail to this shirt. There will be a second pocket over the top of the first one made from clear PVC.

Second to this was the striped shirt I had already designed. The final illustration was exactly the same as the firmed up design (as I’d already produced the outcome) just a neater, flattened version.

Lastly was the cropped design taken from the initial and firmed up ideas pages. Similarly I used the technical drawing and altered it using Tippex. This design included a chunky black zip, layered over a piece of the white PU vinyl sampled earlier in my sketchbook. It has 2 pockets and an additional zip on the back for alternative shape, alike the other designs to demonstrate the exercise of control (over the garments).

On Monday its a bank holiday meaning that I wont be going up to London therefore I’ll designate this day for making to try and get it all done as I am definitely leaving it all quite late.

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