FMP – Year 1

(Over Easter holidays)

I’ve decided to keep a blog to record my activities and provide some order to the running of my project. I really like the layout of a blog because I will be able to keep my posts separate (if desired), upload photos straight from my devices and it’ll also save masses of paper on hand in – which is evidently much more environmentally sustainable.

I began my Year 1 FMP by researching themes and writing up my proposal over half term. When first presented with the theme Power, I had decided that I wanted to explore the subject of Kamikaze warfare (essentially suicide for war): combining feminine oriental designs with military wear, and producing a range of garments using this concept. Contextually I would have researched how it had effected fashion, the people and the economy and I’d planned on calling the piece ‘The Game’ after the ways the Japanese military toyed with civilian lives in a drastic (or desperate) attempt to win the war. I was initially inspired by a particular poem which I’d studied in depth in English Literature last year, called Kamikaze by Beatrice Garland. The poem was suggestive of the secondary impacts of Kamikaze warfare and of the consequences that cowardice towards the concept could bring. I found that this began to spark a few initial ideas however I wasn’t 100% happy with the idea. After rereading my initial draft towards the end of the holidays, I decided to revaluate my plan and change the primary focus of the project. Rather than focusing on specifically Japanese warfare, I’ve now decided that I want to look more into the causes of war and zoom in on the tyranny and leadership involved. With a less specific topic, my ideas seem to flow more fluently. I feel a lot more confident going into the project: knowing that I am less restricted in the subject theme.

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