FMP Photography: The Importance of Facial Expression

The importance of facial expressions in fashion photography:

Obviously the primary focus within fashion photography is the clothes, right? Well unfortunately there are many crucial aspects involved with setting the tone to make for a successful shoot. Firstly is the setting. This isn’t actually what I’m exploring today however the location is equally as high in value as the clothing being presented. There is also the lighting to consider; the props, the style of photo, the type of camera, styling, hair, make up… The list is endless!

However. I wanted to explore the use of facial energy to bring life to an otherwise expressionless image. In everyday interaction, the most noticeable way to tell how a person is feeling is through their face. The face sets the tone, represents the context and is the single most important factor for demonstrating passion and raw emotion (in conjunction with body language). Promotional imagery and editorials would not captivate such awe and memorability if facial expressions were not used to illustrate a mood.

See how: in each of these images, there wouldn’t be a great deal of point or meaning to be depicted – without highlighting facial expressions.

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