FMP: Evaluation

Thought this project I have gained many new skills, some of which I will use more than others. I’ve throughly enjoyed researching into my chosen theme and feel that I’ve been able to produce a showcase to a standard of work appropriate to my ability at the end of the first year.

On the other hand, I may have liked to have completed more independent research and workshops to best utilise my ability in technical skill for outcomes.

When presented with the theme of Power there were so many initial ideas that came into my mind: war and conflict, sources of power and energy, women empowerment, power Dressing and the 80s flower power – just to name a few. I would like to have spent more time looking into my initial thoughts rather than only exploring the one concept I felt I could make use of. This would have provided more scope for workshops and research and would have reduced limitations when beginning to draw out plans and ideas. It is however, a lesson to be learned for the future.

My favourite part about this project was the freedom for creativity. I really felt as though I could have explored any path and in some way have been able to relate it to power.

Some of the outcomes I’ve seen from peers, exhibitions and secondary research have been especially inspirational and have therefore enabled me to produce some additional experimentation in which I used as a starting point for my initial ideas.

Overall I am not totally satisfied in the quality of my technical skill and illustration over this project. I feel I spent more time researching the concept than I did actually putting together pieces worthy of showcase and although this wasn’t necessarily a negative thing, I don’t want a repeat of this in future projects. I think that I’m a creative person so limiting my ability to produce aesthetic outcomes will mean reduced success both inside of college and further into my career.

My first FMP has really given me some food for thought on how I can better organise my time and structure my work accordingly. Despite the fact I’ve managed to keep a blog alongside the project, I feel there are workshops and pieces of work which could’ve been better evaluated, as I’d thought in depth about them yet not been able to ‘put pen to paper’ and explore these ideas more.

Learning is the most important factor in this project for me. I know now what to expect for next year and will better prepare myself, collating inspiration and resources throughout the year as to not leave everything so last minute. I’m also intend on joining in on additional workshops with the art, photography and graphic design workshops to really utilise the opportunities available to me now. I’ll continue with my internship and focus on experiencing the runnings of a small fashion house as well as learning new skills and developing my abilities within fashion as an industry, and business.

To conclude, I am mostly happy with my FMP. There are things that I wish to have done differently however overall I have learned a lot and believe I am fully prepared for the year to come.

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