Mock interview: evaluation

Having a mock interview was particularly beneficial to me. I found it enabled me to verbally process what it is I’d like to do and to actually give myself an understanding of why it is I want to attend university and specialise in the fields mentioned. Having never been certain on what it is I’d ultimately like to do I felt uneasy beginning the interview, however – after answering specific questions it became clear that I’ve really developed some passions in the past two years and am actually able to identify my strengths quite well. I spoke confidently about my personal morals and how I’d apply them to the course which I felt gave me a bit of something additional to just liking fashion. I additionally said that I’d enquire in a real interview potentially about the maths content of the course and whether or not the structure would allow me to tailor projects to things that I have a specific interest in.

The biggest weakness for me was the fact that pre-interview I’d massively over complicated my answers. I needed to empty my mind to clearly think about the information I wanted to get across before responding to questions, which although showed I was putting thought into what I was saying, could have seemed smoother if I wasn’t overthinking. I need to work on my clarity and conciseness in explanations because additionally I feel as though I spoke too much about topics irrelevant to the question.

I’d like to do another mock interview perhaps when I’m less panicked at the prospect and haven’t overthought my answers. I felt almost as though I rushed some of the topics including what I’d like to do with the course and why ‘fashion promotion’ was the one for me. Apart from this I feel I answered in an appropriate way and made clear my knowledge of industry.

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