University open day: Ravensbourne

On my second open day visit I felt naturally more prepared for what to expect. Prior to arrival I’d heard through my tutor the apparent greatness of the actual building itself however pictures did not do the exterior justice. I was in awe at the architectural design and attention to detail from the building. As I went in my amazement was even further heighten at the completely open layout of the multi-storey structure, then was entirely revolutionised during one of the talks learning about how the layout assists with effective communication between groups. I found out that the whole running of the university revolves around collaboration and preparing students for industry which in my opinion is something so imperative when choosing where I’d like to study at degree level.

The first talk was fashion promotion which I found to be really up my street. It’s a very creative course centring on overall image. Illustration was one aspect which I found slightly off-putting however the entire concept of branding yourself to create an overall aesthetic for work was enlightening.

Keeping an open mind I attended the second talk for BA Hons Fashion buying and Brand management. I was actually surprised at how much the course appealed to me and spoke with the tutor 1 to 1 regarding potential career pathways. She said that because the course was brand management alongside buying there was potential to do anything from merchandising to production management and could easily lead onto a career involving worldwide travel. The part of this course that particularly stood out to me was the trip to the Nike factories of Sri Lanka. Having researched Nike in GCSE Geography I already have a fairly in depth knowledge so to actually go out and visit with an existing interest would be such an amazing opportunity. I also feel it’s important to witness first hand the ‘underside’ to fashion. In doing my internship I’ve already seen how even high end houses have factories of a pretty low standard – even within the UK, so am very aware of the realities. I think it would be inspiring and enlightening to expand on my ever developing outlook on industry by attending this trip.

I’m still feeling really excited to continue exploring options for post-college. The next open day is with the London College of Fashion so am really looking forward to seeing the inner workings and getting a feel for such a highly regarded university.

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