End of Project

Week 9

It is half term and now the final week. I’ve been unable to make the magazine as initially intended due to technical issues. I’m unhappy as I don’t have a final outcome to physically give in however feel as though I’ve investigated concepts in a deep and contextually meaningful way, researched throughly and undoubtedly collected a strong bank of primary resources and imagery. I wrote my evaluation and used the Apple programme Pages on my iPad to collate the finalised images because technical problems frustratingly prevented me from using Adobe InDesign.

The format was very basic and although was absolutely nothing like I had intended originally, seemed to be favoured in my feedback collection.

In this week I had planned on getting my look-book sent to a publishers but as previously stated didn’t have a ‘properly produced’ outcome so this is something that I will do with the images after the deadline. I had to ensure all work was submitted online so started to arrange my draft blog posts to review and upload when given the chance.

This project has been very full on for me. It was a bit of a wake up to reality after having a few months off for summer but I feel has very much prepared me for the year ahead. I’m proud of myself for branching out with more artistic techniques than just those of a fashion focus. In the next project I know that I need to watch my time management as although I coped with this project, feel as though I could’ve been better organised juggling uni open days alongside my internship and in conjunction with a part time job and college.

Additional food for thought has been presented thinking towards FMP and I’m feeling excited moving onto the next project

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