Over the past two months I’ve made a great effort to physically explore a variety of concepts. I began by mind mapping a select few topics which I was aware of at the time and expanded with a focus on primary research. Whereas in previous projects I’d tend to rely mostly on Pinterest for inspiration, for unit 10 I’ve visited an abundance of galleries and displays and taken an analytical approach to drawing ideas from them. I also branched out and contacted industry professionals for their opinions, perspectives and knowledge on my chosen concepts. In my opinion this enabled me to portray visuals that I felt were meaningful and appropriate and additionally contributed to the uniqueness of the outcomes produced. Seeing a work in the flesh, one can gain the utmost developed understanding, using all the senses to absorb the formal elements. I think this is why I was able to put together an outcome of contextual meaning without having to explore too much into the dimensions of the piece. Ultimately when producing an outcome in publication form regardless of it being digital or physical, it can be difficult to set a tone. I think that the contextual meanings to each shoot gave a great deal of dynamic and maximised the effect of the outcome. I was able to experiment with expression and posture, to toy with composition and result with photos of genuine concern to an idea. The girls that I had model were inexperienced however had both agreed that once styled and in front of the lense could really get to grips with feeling the tone and contextual meaning. Moreover I tried to maintain a similar look of overall aesthetic in each shoot to imitate the style of a fashion zine. Having said this I feel that I achieved isolation within each concept’s photos by experimenting with lighting, aperture and setting. While all the images seem to flow in whole, you can clearly pick out the difference in ambience with the photographic technique.

As previously stated, primary research made up a large majority of this project. In conjunction I used a lot of paper based publications and videographic content to maximise my understanding of the outcomes that I wanted to produce. I found a role model in Stacey Dooley who graduated as a fashion student but pursued a career in investigative journalism and uses her relatable nature and incomparable charm and style to expose social corruption alongside potentially catastrophic issues in industry. Her recent documentary entitled ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’ provided a great deal of inspiration behind my work. Furthermore my perspectives on sustainability were heightened and as a result led to my conclusion of reducing my paper waste and attempting to use the absolute minimal in paper and unsustainable resources. All of my outcomes have been submitted online (besides one A4 sketchbook with illustration prior to watching the documentary) with even the note based content being stored on my iPad. I feel proud that I’ve accomplished a large part of my proposal in not just the outcomes.

On the contrary, I was a little bit disappointed in my overall outcome. Due to technical issues throughout the project I was unable to format the photos as I would have liked (see outcome plan) and therefore feel as though the maximum impact overall was not met. Having said this, I’ve now begun collating a bank of imagery which I can potentially put to use in producing a zine after handing in this project. I’ve contacted a former Ext. Level 3 student in hope of finding a budget friendly publisher to put together one paper copy of the zine I intended on producing as while I tried to reduce my paper usage – feel that I’d like to see my creation form a physical outcome.

In my opinion the problems within fashion (and ultimately a lot of industries) revolve not around creation, but the mass elements of production. The whole perception that you have to own something to appreciate it and have taste is absolutely absurd in my opinion and really does contribute to the end of the planet. Hopefully within my next project I can continue to work sustainably and promote the ideas and research to have an impact and engage an audience.

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