Photo selection and editing


Its important to get a feel for the effects of lighting and composition before attempting to take any ‘proper’ photos which is what makes test shots so crucial. I had quite a lot of test shots because of the various locations and fits which made it quite difficult to depict which photos were of a high enough standard to include within the look-book.

I sought the assistance of my tutors, internship supervisor and a peer to hand-pick images for use as I find it’s often highly valuable to get a secondary opinion from a someone equally as passionate about the subject. I also consulted with the models featured to ensure they were entirely comfortable with the use of all photos. This also provided some useful insight as to what consumers are looking for in a wider market, seeking opinions from both male and female parties of a range of ages and so with consent (from models) and informed judgement I carefully selected from the abundance. I feel although this method worked, in future I will do some more research into customer profiles, prior to producing outcomes. If the photos weren’t appealing to anyone – the message wouldn’t be effectively conveyed and therefore I might have been unsuccessful in my aim of informing and inspiring.


Keeping each concept within the same theme was important for me. Especially in a look-book of collated imagery it can be sometimes difficult to decipher which photo belongs where therefore using the same location, photo techniques and outfit styles for each shoot was crucial. The colours had to be similar, pattern and composition the same, line shape and form varied but all features kept within a similar aesthetic outline. The most difficult aspect was potentially surrounding variation within concepts as there are obviously only so many ways in which one look can be portrayed without altering the garments in use. Despite these obstacles, I feel that I achieved diversity in outcomes while visual attributes were indistinguishable and relevant. 

Editing, enhancing and photoshop are key elements within fashion photography so I felt it important to experiment with these alongside preset photo filters. The only photos I used Apple’s preset filter on were from the ‘Prejudice Against Muslims’ concept because I felt they gave a more sinister ambience which heightened the intensity thus amplifiying the effect of  the shoot. The filter is called ‘Dramatic’ which I think is actually appropriate for the stated reasons.

There were some noticeable imperfections in other shoots so Adobe Photoshop was useful, to eliminate disfigurement and refine imagery. I used mainly the clone stamp, spot healing and sharpening tools and additionally adjusted the hue and saturation for some photos which were too dull or unfitting with other images. As well as photoshop, I found it easier to crop and rotate using Apple Photos on my iPad which sped up the process and was really effective.

Overall I’m happy with the way the final selection turned out. I knew the vision I wanted to achieve and consummately went about achieving it. I sought guidance and secondary opinions to gain the most effective and appealing result which was something stated in my proposal that I wanted to do. As mentioned next time I will do more prior research however I’m satisfied on the whole.

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