A NOTE: sustainable styling

With so many billions of garments already in existence I feel that one way to tackle the problem of fast fashion is reusing what is already out there.

Part of the problem is that consumers want to feel involved, up to date – they’re always looking for something new and aren’t happy wearing things more than a new times.

There’s nothing saying that one garment can’t be restyled or up-cycled to create an entirely new look, without the added environmental damage.

I’m going to take unworn clothing from my own wardrobe, as well as friends and family members and have a go at up-cycling myself. I’ll use my mood boards as inspiration and perhaps even try and include pieces of litter to reference the theme of shoot.

I’ve additionally tried emailing a vintage shop to see if there are perhaps a few pieces that I can borrow for the shoot however haven’t heard back from them so if I feel that I don’t have enough pieces, or that the pieces I’ve got aren’t suitable for my chosen themes, I’ll order from a highstreet store and then return them. Although this is not my preferred choice, I would not be left with all the unworn garments that for instance, thrift shopping with give me.

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