End of Week 7

Week 7

This week I kept the focus on photography and styling. After receiving my delivery and pairing together appropriate outfits for the shoot I decided to take test shots of a family member using a camera borrowed from college. I decided that I really didn’t like the Canon format and so I’d stick to my own Nikon for the final shoots. On the contrary I’m glad that I trialled this camera because I feel its always good to branch out and experience something new. Some of the photos turned out okay and could potentially be used for primary imagery for future workshops.

I had the idea of emailing Bournemouth’s Vintage Emporium to see if they’d allow me to borrow some pieces for the shoot. Unfortunately I didn’t hear back from them so will have to do without when I start taking photos next week.

In preparation for photo shoots next week I practised some make up looks using eyeshadow and eyeliner in my sketchbook. I only plan on using neon tones for the ‘futurism now’ shoot as I want the other concepts to have more minimalist look, keeping the focus on the garments.

As mentioned last week, this week I took a trip up to Manchester for the Met University open day. I really wasn’t keen on the fashion management and marketing course. I felt that the tutor avoided the questions that I asked regarding sustainability and that the course was not really very big for creative content. Conversely the city experience was so much fun. Such a diverse city in architecture, random buildings of industrial heritage sit side by side with glassed out tower blocks. The unlikely contrast pairs harmoniously and made for some really interesting street photography. When putting together my zine for final outcome I will include some of this photography and take inspiration from displays I found in luxury retailers Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

Interestingly, while in Harvey Nichols a protest began outside for abolition of fur use in industry. I found it really inspiring to see people being proactive however perhaps there are more effective ways of getting a point across – as no one really seemed to be paying attention.

I visited the People’s History museum and found some really useful and inspiring information and imagery and collected a lot of primary visual content.

Despite all my research and preparations I now only have a week left in college to take my final photos and collate a fashion zine so am slightly concerned I won’t have time to finish. I’ll begin this weekend and hopefully get all the editing and bits done over half term.

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