End of Week 8

Week 8

It is now the final week of the project. The last couple of months have been particularly educational as I have gained not only knowledge of fashion but additionally of events in life both past and present. Throughout history current affairs have been presented in many ways and I feel as though I’ve really gotten to grips with understanding the gradual transition from physical to digital promotion. On top of my conceptual exploration, I’ve been presented with opportunities to look into my future at higher eduction and have actually found a real passion in creating promotional material.

This week was centred on producing my outcome, critically evaluating and tying loose ends with my pathways and records.

The actual shooting took place over a few days. I was really fortunate with the weather as each day the sun was out and there wasn’t any sign of rain. This made for ideal exposure in the outdoor locations (which I selected over the weekend).

The first set of photos completed was on the ‘Prejudice against Muslims’ concept. I really tried to get the model to relax and act her usual, infectiously positive self. In my opinion she’s a truly beautiful girl so styling and make up was really easy.

The second day of shooting was with my second model for ‘Usage of Animal Products’ and ‘Throwaway Fashion’ shoots. Again the model was super easy to style and having already planned out the outfits and put together a collection of concept boards for inspiration there wasn’t really a lot that could go wrong. The day was warm so she was comfortable and happy in each outfit and therefore became the epitome of my vision.

The final day of shooting was with the same model for ‘Burberry Burning’ and ‘Futurism Now’. Unfortunately being October the temperature dropped quite significantly which meant we were rushing to get out of the cold in both day and night settings. Overall I was really happy with the photos. I ensured to take a multitude of test shots before getting deep into the final shots because in order to understand the effective settings for the lighting and scene, you have to have more than one sample photos.

Naturally I felt a second opinion was valuable so took the raw images into college and asked a peer to help me select the most impressive. He said he really liked the ‘Futurism Now’ theme because the styling was fresh, clean and actually very on trend. He told me the photos were unique in style and also the nighttime ambience made for a really interesting scene. In my opinion its important to get other people’s opinions because for a piece to be appealing and effective in promotion, it is essential to impact a wider audience than just yourself. It’s all very well creating content that you are happy with but the end goal is to present ideas that will stand out and make a difference and truly the only way to achieve this is by making work memorable to a variety of ‘consumers’. I really feel as though my interest in fashion promotion, marketing and branding has flourished in unit 10 and am branching towards this in my unit 11 studies towards higher education.

Despite this valuable second opinion it still took me quite a long time to sift through images and decipher those appropriate for use. The criteria was that they had to be clear in meaning, similar in style for each concept shoot, and professional/appealing in layout. In my opinion I selected the best quality images however would have liked to have spent more time thinking about editing and pairing for the final zine.

Finally for this week I had my first attempt at using InDesign for photo formatting. I had one experimental zine layout however due to technical issues am unable to upload it as evidence. The layout included a title page, subtitle pages and pages for photos formatted in a clean, modern and professional way. The use of headings helped with the flow of the zine and gave clarity to the concept behind each shoot. I will continue trying to upload the experimental draft post-deadline.

Into next week I need to carry on trialling photo combinations and decide on a finalised version of the zine/look-book. I will also complete any unfinished annotations and ensure that an evaluation is written to give a clear insight as to where I started with the project and ended up through decisions, obstacles and opportunities.

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