Looking back – thought processes

How have I concluded an outcome from the labyrinth of ideas spun from my mind. Sometimes it can be really confusing to see where particular thoughts have actually inflicted ideas so I decided to outline the overall path I took in getting through this project. I feel it’s important to look back on where I’ve been so that I can effectively evaluate whether or not my outcome is an effective portrayal of this.

I began by researching the ways in which current affairs have been broadcast throughout time and came to decisions on what was effective and sustainable. Zooming into fashion I concluded that the most successful media has been photography and thus is unmissable within the industry.

I then took this and explored various campaigns and collections which were either used to raise awareness of current affairs or increase capital for those doing something about problems worldwide.

Branching out from the work of others I collated issues which I personally feel strongly about and came up with some overall headings for photoshoot themes.

I’ve additionally considered how I can take these photoshoots and use them for something that may ultimately make a difference. Although each shoot will highlight the problems, I want to look into branding to perhaps pitch campaigns that cover each area of sustainability.

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