Photography: mini shoot

Before I begin taking my final photos I thought it was important to consider the camera type and settings. Alongside my own Nikon D3300, I felt it beneficial to experiment with a Canon DSLR (model unknown) loaned from college, to make the best informed judgement on which to use. Familiarising myself I took test shots of a family member using natural lighting and a solid brick background. Touching upon the topic of promotion and branding I wanted to highlight the distinctive Stone Island logo for a bit more of a statement. The featured design is appealing to a higher end market and therefore would hypothetically speaking draw in a wealthier (probably male) and younger client base.

Unfortunately it didn’t take long for me to that I didn’t gel quickly with the Canon format and so I feel I’ll stick to my own Nikon for the final shoots. On the contrary I’m glad that I trialled this alternative because I feel its always good to branch out and experience something new. Some of the photos turned out okay and could potentially be used for primary imagery for future workshops.

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