Workshop: Make up

I’ve always had an interest in make up and thrive in experimental testing. I love how product can be applied to an area of the face to alter the outcome and as cliché as it sounds, the way a person can be entirely transformed from a bit of highlight and contour.

I’ve been known in previous projects to stick with a more glamorous but generic style especially with eye-shadow and therefore thought it appropriate alongside my proposal to leave my comfort zone and explore new styles. Having been given an eye-shadow palette of neon tones and never before wanted to try using it, I thought I’d utilise my existing resources and be sustainable by not buying anything new. The unconventional tones are powerful yet don’t seem too overwhelming which was my main concern. Against the white of the paper the pop of colour really brings some fun. It’s modern and refreshing and actually I feel would really look good with the styling for ‘Futurism Now’.

Having evaluated the use of make up I feel that the only concept I will include it with is ‘Futurism Now’. In my opinion it could be too distracting from the garments in the other shoots and being of more conventional aesthetic don’t feel this would be as appropriate. I think a crucial part of good styling is knowing not necessarily the limits but being aware of how far to go with keeping within a vision.

I’m pleased with the outcomes and feel that the Orange/yellow is my favourite. I look forward to producing some looks onto a model.


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