End of Week 6

Week 6

I spent the majority of time trawling through charity shops trying to hand select garments I felt were appropriate and representative of the theme. Unfortunately my searches were unsuccessful and with the realisation that time was pressing onwards I resorted to ordering clothes from high street-store Bershka with the intention of returning them after use. I also raided the wardrobes of myself and a few family members and was able to collect a substantial line of Burberry garments and accessories. Now, ordering clothes to be returned may seem entirely unethical and unsustainable however being a fashion student I have limited funds. I also didn’t want to end up with a bundle of garments or pieces which I’d have to keep and would be unworn after use so therefore contributing to waste so I felt that sending the clothes back at least they’d be resold and worn by someone else.

In an attempt at some final inspiration I paid a visit to Southampton high street and West Quay shopping centre. The trip allowed me to see the trends on a more local scale and get a feel for how looks are being styled for a lower grade economic market.

I spent some time up-cycling a pair of vintage Diesel jeans and a leopard print dress. As stated I wanted to source outfits sustainably so felt that incorporating up-cycling as a skill could be really beneficial. It promotes recycling of clothes and also enables the audience to understand how easy and effective reworking an existing garment can be. This concept was therefore suitable for the theme ‘throwaway fashion’ because it was essentially a garment made from rubbish to reduce rubbish and not only is powerful in meaning but advertises sustainability and looks appealing. The leopard print was useful for the shoot on ‘usage of animal products’ and enabled me to add to the pieces for styling.

The intention was to make this week primarily creative so I did another session independently, on portrait painting. I’ve always loved the technique and felt it could be useful to showcase my existing strengths as mentioned in my proposal I’d like to do. Next week I am taking a trip to Manchester so will hopefully add to my research and start collecting some potential imagery for my final outcome.

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