Research to concept board: Ex Machina film

Ex machina

Wanting to take inspiration from a wide variety of media I decided to look into the more fictional side of perspectives. The 2014 drama/fantasy film Ex Machina was perfectly fitting for this and has really got me thinking about the future of our planet, and the potential that the future is already present. Now although this technically speaking doesn’t make a lot of sense, the ever more current realisation that robotics and AI will replace a the vast majority of Human Resources is potentially quite threatening to some. Unfortunately in the 21st century money does seem to make the world go round therefore within industries and society it’s supposedly crucial to function with the most up to date technological advances for speed, efficiency and convenience. It’s a shame to see that we can’t enjoy life as it goes and everything has to happen at such increased pace but the unsettling way of life is equally as present now as it will be when we are entirely dependant.

The film itself is a combination of GCI animation and screenplay with one of three main roles being played by an animated character within the ‘real life’ setting. The concept revolves around losing control of computer based intelligence and focuses on the ever concerning ideologies of sex and lifestyle for people of today. ‘Nathan Bateman’ is CEO of a large internet company and when employee ‘Caleb Smith’ wins a competition to stay at his very secluded residence, he learns of the unsettling relationship between his boss and AI. The storyline reaches a climax when the robots living in Bateman’s home begin to revolt and learn the desire for freedom. The film explores topics including love, sex, relationships and the potential links between them and AI.

‘Sex dolls’ are often spoken about in the press as becoming the future which in my opinion will resultantly isolate society. It’s in a humans nature to be social as we thrive in an environment where we can learn and interact with others. Introducing this technology will drive separation and ultimately deteriorate the skills needed to effectively communicate – thus: leaving the planet populated with introverts. Furthermore it’s astounding that this is even a possibility for some with underdeveloped countries still existing without dependence on technology. How are we already thinking about how to replace each other with computers when there are some in the 3rd world that don’t even know what one is?

I’m really inspired by this film. The visual content was additionally appealing with the use of shape and texture of the robots exterior. The body is made up of a grey/blue metallic surface with a pattern similar to that of honey comb. I feel this could be useful when it comes to producing my final outcome so have produced a concept board based on the visuals of the film. In the centre is also an illustration of one outfit idea I’ve had for the final shoot. I drew it by hand and have live traced and edited on Illustrator however the idea is a transparent shell-suit jacket layered over a bralette. I feel the layering is modern and transparent fabric will be easy to visually manipulate with lighting. I also picked out some of the main colours used and intend on utilising this resource when styling.

Click here for PDF of concept board

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