Workshop: flat illustration

Revisiting previous workshops was something I felt I needed to do to strengthen my existing skills as stated that I wanted to do in my proposal. In particular, flat illustrations were a technique I’d always felt were and so decided to put together a comparison board from where my skills started to where they are now. The development is quite drastic however I should note that the more recent drawing was done directly from a photograph rather than a hand rendered flat.

I chose the Burberry Kensington Trench coat because of my styling concept on Burberry. I feel I already have a good understanding of outerwear through my internship at Katherine Hooker who specialises in custom coats and jackets however wanted to develop my specific knowledge of Burberry products. As I’ve always said I feel I learn best through experience so to actually go through and recreate each minute detail would give me the best insight to the workings of the garment. I can then utilise my comprehensive outlook on the product to style in a way which is effective and maximises the features of the coat.

Click here to see illustration board as PDF file

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