End of week 5

Week 5

At the end of last week I said I wanted to explore fabrics and start preparing for photo shoots. My initial thoughts were to source relevant imagery from new Vogue magazines. I feel it was important to only use new Vogue (Vogue commissioned by Edward Enninful) because its the most relevant version of the iconic glossy. Since being appointed editor in chief in August last year, Enninful has entirely revolutionised not only the aesthetics and overall image, but the policies, openness to diversity and content within. The transformation has been drastic however I feel much needed for the 102-year-old publication. It’s now a celebration of differences, cultures and creative content inclusive of work from all backgrounds and fields. Taking some of this imagery from editorials I put together concept boards, swatch sample boards and also created a weaving sample using a technique learned in one of last years workshops. I found regenerating existing content for my styling inspiration really useful as its one thing to simply look at content but to understand it enough to make something new is truly beneficially.

The class also took a group visit to Southampton galleries which proved to be a valuable experience and enabled me to gather some last minute inspiration for concepts and themes. The industrialised feel to the John Hansard gallery initiated thoughts towards the future of art and fashion and thus lead to my research on AI and evolving technologies in fashion. I’m actually surprised at how heavily reliant the industry already is on artificial intelligence and at the innovations taking place under our noses. Everything from visual merchandising through VR and CGI modelling and influencers are taking over and becoming ever present in global industry.

This week I wasn’t able to begin preparing any of the outfits ready for styling however I have a good idea as to the looks that I want to create.

Over the weekend I attended the UAL: London College of Fashion open day and much like the other 3 universities I’d visited prior, fell in love with the dream of attending. The first talk was on visual merchandising and branding which I felt was unsuitable for myself however was really beneficial because I conveniently learned of the use of VR technology in visual merchandising. As it happens an entire unit of the course is on the handling of VR and I was able to see some current students work to get a feel for how the innovations make industry more efficient.

Being in central London I felt it was a really good idea to go out and get a feel for what’s current in high street and high end retail therefore paid a visit to Dover Street Market, Carnaby Street, Oxford Circus and Covent Garden. In particular I was inspired by Prada AW18 which contributed a range of neon hues and futuristic shapes using padding for additional structure and dynamics.

Into next week I’m planning on sourcing clothes and potentially getting involved with up-cycling. I want to continue sourcing relevant and inspiring imagery and practise some make up and hair looks ready for shooting

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