End of week 4

Week 4

Now halfway through the project and I’m now more settled on the ideas I’ve had for a final outcome. Having previously explored imagery based outcomes, I know that this is something that I enjoy doing and can combine other skills and techniques alongside. Make up, hair, styling and photography are some of my personal interests so I feel that hosting a series of photo shoots that are conceptually representative and appealing to a younger audience is a really effective way of promoting the research found over the last few weeks.

It’s my firm belief that appealing to a young audience is imperative for achieving any difference or improvement surrounding explored issues. Ultimately the creatives emerging today will be the future of the industry so to maximise the impact of these shoots, they must be appealing. One could argue that the direction should be the people with the capital – an older and more developed audience, however its easier to give someone an insight when they are impressionable and want to learn – rather than trying to convince an already set mind.

One of the independent workshops from this week was perhaps not as useful or relevant to my research as it could’ve been. I’ve always been inspired by hatters and thought I could create an outcome worthy of photography or styling however the final product was technically unwearable and therefore only contributed to waste which was completely unnecessary. This brings me to a point that I feel I’m obliged to raise awareness to that is centred on fast or throwaway fashion.

Mass production is one of the most wasteful outlets in retail and with so many amazing garments currently in existence, we really don’t need to still be producing in such outrageous quantities.

I’m fully aware of the fact that there will always be a high demand for new and affordable fashion however there are ways of reusing, up-cycling, recycling or simply creating from what’s already circulating.

I feel this could be an interesting concept to explore through photography and will start researching into next week.

I additionally discovered an event that I’d like to participate in in future. Having been personally inspired by the photography series by Harley Weir I want to be proactive in my efforts to help the planet and resultantly the people who live on it. Unfortunately the British Beach Clean event I wanted to participate in for primary research isn’t now for a few months which will be way beyond deadline however I did want to make it clear that additional thoughts have been made towards the subject. I thought that I could perhaps put together my own series of indirectly unsettling imagery to inspire efforts to become more sustainable. Entering into an industry so largely wasteful I intend on doing extra practises to reduce my impacts. I’ve already been known to donate unworn garments such as coats, gloves, scarves and trainers to the local homeless charity through a family friend and always dispose of clothing at charity bins so would definitely like to incorporate some kind of active effort within my final outcome. Perhaps I’ll look into up-cycling garments or sourcing clothes for styling sustainably – all food for thought for now however by next week I wish to have a set plan.

This weekend I attended the 2nd of 4 open days, again London based, this time Ravensbourne. I absolutely fell in love with the building itself. Everything from architectural design to interior arrangement, the whole ecosystem of creativity was appealing to me. The course I found most interesting was fashion promotion which again enabled me to get an insight to the standard of work produced by students of a specialist university. Industry orientation was very much the selling point of the courses for me as I feel in such a brutal environment, its imperative to be prepared for life in the fashion industry. I’m feeling very excited to see what other universities have to offer and am pleased having looked around and loved the experience.

Within the next week I want to have accomplished a lot more in preparation for my final shoots. The plan is to begin collages from existing magazines to use resources I already own and begin also looking into potential fabrics, their properties and how these could be effective in setting a tone.

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