InDesign workshop

Knowing  that a digitally rendered magazine or look-book is the outcome I’m aiming for, I thought it beneficial to attend a workshop on Adobe programme InDesign.

The software is widely used for formatting within industry and is therefore a really useful skill to have post college. Surprisingly, it was easy to understand the basics and for a look-book as minimalist as mine (will hopefully be!!) it  literally was as simple as inserting boxes. Obviously there is a lot more to learn at a more advanced level however I feel after this workshop I’ll be able to effectively put together the desired outcome independently.

So the lesson itself was run by photography, graphics and media teacher Ingrid. This was especially useful as she was able to cater for the needs of all students present and teach the programme in a way that was applicable to individual outcomes.

She addressed some of the key terms and gave a basic overview of the rules to follow when creating zines and publications.

I didn’t want to overload myself with information so stuck with minimal note based memorabilia.

indesign notes

I’m feeling confident coming to the end of the project knowing that I should be able to put together my vision. The next step is to take my mood boards and sketchbook inspiration and begin styling and photography.

Here is my practise outcome. I used imagery by Harley Weir and stuck with a minimalist design. The name came from the background colour and sample text was layered over the primary image.

zine t1 yellow fish

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