Inspo: Film (Gia•1998)

As explored, one way in which current affairs are promoted is via film/theatre/visual production. For this reason I watch the 1998 film based on real events within fashion in the 70s. Although the film was not current for the time it was set, it covers some very controversial issues that are present both throughout history and in today’s society.

The story of Gia starring Angelina Jolie documents the life and struggles of the worlds first supermodel Gia Carangi. A rags to riches story, the film highlights how the pressures of her career turned her to Heroin use which later lead to her death of AIDS related complications aged just 26.

Exploring drug addiction, homosexuality, childhood and other sensitive/controversial topics portrays the reality that success may not always guarantee happiness and health. Addressing the theme of AIDS additionally brings attention to the time period and while is a much reduced and actually almost unheard of in this day, reminds present generations of the requirement for safe practises and caution while experimenting.

I feel that the issues were presented in the film in a way which summarises the true catastrophic impacts of industry based stress and oppression. Rather than advertising substance abuse and giving the modelling world the appealing nature it is often portrayed with, the storyline strips ideologies of glamour down to the very raw and undignified truths that lie beneath the surface. I want my final outcome to be as impactful as this film. The ideas presented were full of dimension so I feel that perhaps this would be too much to explore alongside other issues.

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