Research: PR Packages

Margaret Howell PR package

So at work we received the PR package from Margret Howell for AW18. The purpose of a PR (public relations) package as the name suggests, is to build on public relations and improve connections with industry professionals. They are usually sent prior to the release of a collection and are designed to get people ‘in the know’ before the launch. Additionally, they are not exclusive to fashion as an industry – this widely used marketing strategy can be found from deep within the realms of health and beauty, to sports/fitness – pretty much anyone selling a product.

Naturally, promoting a name or collection in a seemingly exclusive way strengthens the bond between labels and can thus lead to potential collaborations and partnerships.

The primary reason for putting together a PR package is to gain exposure. Although I will not be putting together a collection as such, I really like the layout of this AW18 look book.

Formatting the images into an array of boxes not only looks professional and brings together the collection, but equally isolates individual looks or pieces so that the overall styling and aesthetic can be clearly depicted from image to image.

The monochrome colour scheme summarises the tone and could be perhaps perceived as foreboding in concept. In conjunction, the facial expressions suggest the unknown and could be used in reference to the sinister unidentified context.

Attention to detail in this package is evident. From the unfolding pages to the layout of text and printing every inch of this booklet has been well thought out. I really favour the juxtaposition from large and central images to a page filled with a grid of smaller photos. It’s appropriately fitting for the theme but allows the consumer to absorb the bigger images and spend more time depicting the content.

I feel the format of this book is the same style as I’d like to produce in my final outcomes. I’m leaning towards the idea of using an established publisher to put together a more professional book of images because although a digital outcome uses less resources, I feel as though I’d really like a single copy to showcase my work.

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