Trip: Drag (exhibition)

So today I paid a visit to the Drag: Self Portraits and Body Politics exhibition at the Hayward gallery. The small showcase of photography, videography, illustration, mixed media collage and sculpture from more than 30 artists was both appealing aesthetically and thought provoking. A collection of works with the concept of gender, acceptance and identity was fitting for one of the biggest current affairs in general life – and the ever expanding world of pop culture. As with most exhibitions at the Hawyward Gallery, London – the space was bright and open. I felt this really helped to absorb the information presented and may use this concept of minimalism in my outcome.

The most memorable exhibit for me was a ‘home video’ style film of a drag artist applying make up. The transformation was mesmerising and really captivated the essence of freedom for expression. I feel that the style of video actually made the outcome more effective as it was relatable and very much to the point.

I feel there is a big stigma with gender identity. A lot of people are very black and white in how they identify however in the world we live in this simply cannot be the case. Just because a person doesn’t feel something that another does, doesn’t make the other persons perception a fantasy. For many this is the struggle of acceptance, being told that because they are experiencing something unknown to others – it isn’t real and is not the way one should feel. I think people feel how they feel and no one is wrong to feel how they do. We shouldn’t knowingly misinterpret or offend regardless of whether we feel the same and that’s an issue very much present in today’s society.

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