Alexander Wang X Do Something

Continuing research into how brands have contributed to raising awareness of current affairs I learned of the Alexander Wand X Do Something collaboration. Do Something is a non-government organisation supporting youth and social change. Looking so deeply into sustainability its really important to understand the factors surrounding it and that the whole nature of actually being sustainable revolves around continuation. It should apply to social and economic factors as well as the environment which is why I felt this campaign was so valuable.

Overall 50% of proceeds from the collection’s sales went directly to Do Something while photography by Steven Klein and creative director Pascal Dangin raised significant awareness to the cause. Graphic tees and hoodies were modelled by high profile celebs and influencers and plastered all over social media sites, including Instgram and Facebook, for maximum exposure. Kim Kardashian West, ASAP Rocky and Kate Moss were among the famous faces seen which not only got the attention of people within fashion but was appealing to a vast majority of people globally.

I think this campaign was really effective because the garments were simple in design and probably would’ve had low production costs however were able to have maximum impact through effective promotion. It really does support the perception that it doesn’t matter what the product is, without effective marketing and exposure it won’t sell. This is the reason for my interest in university courses concerning promotion and branding.

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