Artist research: Justin Hofman

When conducting initial imagery for inspiration I came across this photograph of sea pollution. The picture taken by passionate environmentalist, illustrator and photographer Justin Hofman explores the diabolic reality that is the state of our oceans resultant to mankind. His exploratory concepts are concerned with conservation and having lived a well-travelled lifestyle, Hofman has been able to develop an outstanding portfolio of wildlife images.

I think what is so effective about this particular image is the composition. Although the contrast of a bright petrol background with muted tones in the foreground is effective for portraying movement and captivating the focus, the positioning of the seahorse in comparison to cotton bud makes for a dramatic outcome. In the rule of thirds the primary focus is allowed to be clearly depicted against the rest of the image which is accurate for description here. The miniature seahorse carries a piece of manmade waste double its size and is captured within the middle third. Focus and depth of field don’t necessarily need to be considered here because although the only subject in view is the seahorse and cotton bud, the other two thirds are filled by ocean.

I want to take some imagery of my own surrounding the theme of pollution to animal habitat. This will involve getting out and about in the wilderness or visiting maybe an aquarium or zoo.


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