WORKSHOP: Constructing 3D shapes in fabric

So although this workshop has very limited relation to the theme ‘Current Affairs’, I had great fun learning how to use the net of a 3D shape, to incorporate extra dimensions into a design.

I started out with the net of a cube – very simple. To begin putting together a paper pattern, I attached the cube onto A4 card and cut a square from the base of the shape (see photos for reference). The next step was to cut from the corner of the cube outwards and to dismantle the shape to leave a flat cross (almost resembling the Scottish flag). This was the pattern piece I then cut out of calico and joined with the matching sides to form the cube within a flat piece of fabric.

As the shape was central to the fabric I could then use this for development into a garment.

I’ve always had a love of hats which is evident within previous projects. I don’t know what it is about them but I feel the use of a hat can truly transform the dynamics of a look. Take the iconic LBD. Pair with a beret or classic trilby and you’ve got a very effortlessly chic outcome however, take this same dress and wear with the Supreme Liquid Swords beanie and the vibe is altered drastically. Admittedly one could argue that just accessories in general will be the factor to make or break an outfit however in my opinion, a hat is just the go to. A shield from the weather, veil for a bad hair/make up or a disguise for when you don’t want to be disturbed – a hat will be your forever friend: a wardrobe staple.

Further to this the process of a simple (unlined) bucket hat is very easy. For the stated reasons I chose to incorporate my shape into a very basic bucket hat using scrap material found at college. My pattern was from a previous project so I knew it would work even with the added dimensions and I am surprisingly pleased with the result.

I’d say the outcome is avant-garde. The untraditional look is very loud in shape and absolutely nonconforming to conventional styles. To relate this workshop to the theme of current affairs I wanted to create something which is likely to be talked about the way events are when they come into the news. I genuinely believe that this would be the case if worn in the public eye and therefore am satisfied that my goal has been achieved. See the photos below from a mini-shoot outside my home photographed by myself on a Nikon D3300 using 55-200mm lens in aperture-priority setting, modelled by my brother. D8E3EDD1-D276-45D3-86E3-57FC775D68EC05772F86-B631-4608-B49B-C6E2C21594AA26156ED4-5835-41A5-8A80-2C7A82914C9D2C9BFE3A-2256-429D-A5FA-FADD6761D257618C594E-F8DB-4F28-A7E4-4297FA8A137A48256820-BA00-4E6A-8C58-7BB0E10A3D669F5D84E7-1649-4704-AF7B-8635C6AE078AF4B2523E-9344-42A9-B2D8-B5BD64B7DA40476457D7-EF05-4C41-84EF-28088D62570F87083152-7C8D-4BC7-840F-AA59CF4D0857ED9C0C36-11C2-4EB2-ABBA-E599FF9F6DDD31C2B366-2C7F-4D97-A902-95968423274ECBEFB58A-FE59-4E9B-8A3E-ECF8ED2F39A4DD97EC87-7AC4-4150-A28A-ADE0D65DD85195DC4C98-6691-49B9-9A9E-654FC21ADD427AA62109-B2F3-4743-9872-96F7EFE4DECC221BF84A-5C3E-442B-8248-F4DC0D81FA8BAE6EAD4C-460A-4A4D-AE32-CD15F3FF9ED0BDBC1BCD-1AC9-458D-A3AB-3D231DC7683C2ADD44A6-19CB-4943-8C83-40B9975BED1507F81D47-9D7A-4E8B-9F4D-C0BE3D65D9B14BD56EB1-A1F4-46A9-A14E-836ED95AF83DBFC6FB39-A34A-4D64-9047-17C2F357BD57

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