End of week 2

Week 2

This week revolved around exploration of new techniques. As stated in my proposal I want to learn new skills while incorporating things that I’ve done in the past and I feel I have been successful in this. Some of the workshops I completed both independently and as a class included digital mood-board and mind-mapping, digital drawing, bubble art, 3D shapes in pattern cutting, photography and styling a boy. I continued my research taking maximum advantage of the internet and magazines and ensured that my knowledge was fresh through social media.

Last week was the initial introduction and largely surrounded research however this week I tried to develop and take things from the previous week into a more focused perspective.

I was able to render some interesting illustrations from the initial Balenciaga WFP image using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator and intend on using these for inspiring styling towards my final outcome.

The forefront of this weeks research continued from the previous looking into promotion of current affairs but was specific to luxury fashion houses and some of the campaigns which have been used to highlight present issues of the time. From Alexander Wang to Vivienne Westwood it seems as though most designers see the overall benefit of keeping up to date not only with trends, textiles and design but the concepts which inspire them too. I plan on using this within my final outcome, utilising the influence of clothing to express concern and bring exposure to subjects which I feel passionately about.

Next week I want to participate in some more unexplored workshops and begin making my research more specific to chosen subjects. I also want to draw a bigger focus to fashion and look at some existing photo shoots and shows that are either current to season or orientated on concept.

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