End of Week 3

Week 3

3 weeks into unit 10 and I’m still going strong with experimental techniques. Fluid painting was my favourite workshop and allowed me to have fun while learning a skill that I’ll definitely use in future. Looking more into fashion was the aim for the end of this week which I feel has been achieved through my research on Celine, Ora Kiely, and Dazed and i-D editorials.

Furthermore the research on fur gave me a starting point for one of my chosen concepts as I feel there is a big taboo surrounding the issue in present times and additionally a lot of innovations being made to make the usage more sustainable.

During the week I’m fortunate enough to spend Monday and Tuesday interning in London so paid a visit to the ‘Drag’ exhibition at the Hayward Gallery after work. Primary research is so important for me as I feel I get the best understanding when in the moment and not staring at the work through a screen. It was a beneficial trip… see ‘Drag’ for expansion.

This weekend I attended my first university open day at UCA Epsom. I didn’t have any real expectations for the visit but was pleasantly relieved finding the event very useful and informative. In addition I was given the opportunity to look around the facilities and showcase of students work from the fashion department and have actually taken much inspiration from the works that I saw. I really took to the outcomes of fashion promotion students who used imagery in conjunction with textiles, fine and 3D art forms to produce conceptually active media. It was interesting to see how each student perceived a topic and was able to cater the projects to their own strengths and abilities.

Next week the plan is to continue with more specific research into concepts that I can use towards producing a final outcome. So far I have liked exploring the concepts prejudice against Muslims, Burberry’s burning and evolution of their sustainability and fur within fashion. I feel all of these cover the issue of sustainability which I stated in my proposal I wanted to make a key feature. It’s important to tackle each of the three key factors: social, environment and economy and I feel that using these themes would do this.

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