PHOTO SHOOT Concept 1: Prejudice Against Muslims

So having explored the option for the mistreatment of diversity and culture I feel as though I can really style a shoot to convey a relatable and really quite important message.

The idea will be to include the word ‘misunderstood’ somewhere in the end outcome. I wanted to look into metal work and perhaps create a piece of jewellery incorporating it however don’t feel I have enough time and additionally want to keep the focus on promotion rather than making.

The images will be of a Muslim girl shown in both perspectives of light and welcoming vs some of perhaps slightly darker ambience. The idea is to represent how Muslims in Britain are poorly judged because of their religious background, so some photos will be from what many see of her while others how she wants to be seen.

I’ll try and use at least two outfits and buy a hijab or headscarf to coordinate with the fit and bring together the look overall. I want to portray the message that Muslim people are literally just the same as everyone else whether they chose to shield their face, pray, fast or otherwise. Shedding light to the idea of freedom for all is the ultimate goal and hopefully I can open peoples eyes to the beauty of culture, helping people to see that beauty isn’t all within Western image.

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