Research: Céline rebranding

So in today’s news there is utter outrage within high fashion communities because luxury French label Celine took the accent from the E in an attempt at rebranding.

The LVMH owned label is seeing some much unwelcome change with newly appointed creative director Hedi Slimane. Previously, British designer Phoebe Philo had set out with a vision of minimalist chic style for the working woman however alongside the rebranding changes, the collections have also seen some unsupported revelations. The outrage stemmed mainly from social media criticisms after a live stream of the debut show aired and fans of the brand were left disappointed and in slight disbelief at the new line. From designs created to fit around the lifestyle of the modern day woman, design to support and flatter and give comfort – to the vision of a previous Saint Laurent director, it seems as though a largely female client base understandably isn’t seeing the practicality or ‘relatability’ of such a high maintenance collection.

Perhaps the utter obliteration of the new collection will guide Slimane in the direction of a range that is suitable for the target market.

It’s interesting to see the fashion side of current affairs and is also crucial for ensuring success in the industry. This research has proved useful in understanding the viewpoints of industry professionals and has allowed me to expand on my skills and ability to absorb volumes of information in a more specialised area.

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