Research: Ellen McArthur Foundation

When looking into the theme of fast fashion I came across the Ellen McArthur foundation. The organisation is concerned with transforming industry across all fields to make processes sustainable: creating a working world which will continue beyond our own existence. Its all very well to put rapid action into place to improve the now however its imperative that the the processes are restorative and that the future landscape of industry is considered as urgently. I’ve made some key notes on things I felt were worth remembering.

This foundation has really driven my attitudes towards sustainable fashion and therefore supports my theme ‘throwaway fashion’. We treat clothing as disposables. There is no love for garments and pieces are just worn for the sake of an image, thrown away and without considering the consequences of unsustainable discarding methods. We also produce in such a rate that the consumer is overwhelmed with choice causing mass waste and neglect of care for manufacturers. If the 1st world countries took a minute to appreciate, reuse and recycle existing resources then there would ultimately become capital to support those in the developing world. In the end everything works simultaneously. We need to escape from the dystopian microcosms that shield the ugly side of industry and instead begin working harmoniously to build a regenerative world for continuation.


Orientation on ‘circular innovation’

Universal mission across brands of all status – H&M, Nike

Focus on positive society-wide benefits

Regenerate natural systems, minimise/eliminate waste and pollution

How can our waste build capital rather than reducing it?

Rethink the future

Not exclusive to fashion industry – an entire reevaluation of industry

Tackling the issue of ownership (INTERESTING POINT FOR FMP) – do we really need to own something to appreciate its value? Can a product be leased by the manufacturer then returned when unwanted to have parts and components recycled?

Desertion of outdated mindsets – innovations in technology now will power the evolution into future of industry

Circular economy – in concept referencing the cyclic notion of the natural world.

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