Research: Harley Weir photo series

Plastic is Not Fantastic photo series by Harley Weir:

27 year old, London born CSM graduate Harley Weir started documenting plastic through her camera back in 2015. The environmentally conscious photographer began a hashtag on social media to promote her images and raise awareness to the present issues surrounding plastic waste and disposal.

Studying fine art, her well developed artistic perspective allowed her outcomes to be appealing yet somewhat discomforting to the eye. Her debut book sold out in days and raised over £10,000 for La Cimade – a French Charity supporting migrants and refugees and their human rights. She is the epitome of a sustainable promoter as her work seems to tackle every factor of the sustainability concept. Socially she has good ethics, economically she raised capital for charity and environmentally she’s shedding light to the catastrophic effects of improper plastic disposal. A true icon to me and many industry professionals.

Although her images may be simple for content, the composition and tone allows for a really interesting and quite contemporary feel. I am a big fan of her work and would like to recreate some of her images when I begin taking my final photos.

Her thoughts towards global pollution are clearly presented through pictures which inspires me to produce outcomes in the same way.

For more information on Weir and her work follow the link to her website.

Here are a few of my favourite images:

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