Stella McCartney ethical fashion

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As mentioned in my initial proposal I want to have a more sustainable approach in this project. Issues surrounding production in the fashion industry are very much current affairs so I feel its definitely an appropriate topic to explore. Additionally, touching upon previous research I’ve said that I want to look into the things high end fashion houses are doing to promote awareness of topics of the present day so feel that McCartney’s promotional content for sustainability is really valuable to look into.

Openly vegetarian, Stella McCartney is centred on respect for animals and their habitats. As a business they promote their cruelty free ethos through collections and imagery and innovate ways of creating sustainable materials. The ‘fur-free modern approach to fashion’ makes them a favourite for British brands while the lengthy list of active efforts to reduce negative impacts supports this. From ‘biotechnology for silk’, vegetarian leather, cruelty free wool and organic cotton to viscose that is traceable to the forest of origin and rayon sourced from certified Swedish sustainably managed forests – there really isn’t a lot that this designer hasn’t thought about in production.

A short film found on the website, of 30 second duration – combines strong words, with powerful imagery and is bold and colourful to teach consumers of the sustainable production. This fashion film really inspired me to reduce my impacts therefore I will really make an attempt at cutting down my waste and paper usage as well as sourcing garments that are either recycled, or will be reused beyond unit 10.

For further information on the active efforts of Stella McCartney, see website here.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 16.26.36.pngScreen Shot 2018-11-21 at 16.26.51.png

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