Workshop: Bubble art

Visual textures are a big player within the fashion industry. Things like screen printing and lino cutting allow depth and dimension to be added to a flat outcome so I felt I wanted to explore this with something fairly unconventional.

I remembered the technique from GCSE art lessons at school which involved using a straw to blow bubbles into a soap/paint water and then press paper over the product. I love the organic shapes produced, they are hard to replicate as each is individual however the seemingly geometric nature allows them to sit nicely besides one another and give a sense of interconnectivity in design. I also like that some areas are more saturated in colour which would allow for text to sit appropriately over the top. If I make a magazine I might include this outcome as a background.

Although this workshop doesn’t have much relevance to the theme, it is still early on in the project and may be of use for perhaps a background or mounting photos/outcomes on to. In future I’d like to use this to create some fashion illustrations however this would have been unsuitable for the project at hand.

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