Initial shoot ideas

Through my research I’ve been thinking more into how I can take my new knowledge and use it to produce a creative outcome worthy of showcase. As previously mentioned I want to trial magazine or look-book style publications and incorporate new and existing skills within my final result. I feel that hosting a series of photoshoots would enable me to demonstrate my knowledge as well as utilising creative strengths and passions.

Some initial concepts include:

  • Drug abuse
  • Overpopulation/greed (exhausting the natural environment for resources and leaving people of third world civilisations with nothing)
  • Burberry burning
  • Fast/throwaway fashion
  • Futurism now (robotics and the advancement of artificial intelligence)
  • Prejudice against ethnic groups or religions (antisemitism/muslim prejudice due to terroism and Islamic extremists)
  • Environmental impacts of industrialisation (melting ice caps, waste disposal into oceans, contamination of the food chain)

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