So, week 1. The brief has just been launched and my head is buzzing with ideas. My aim in this project is to try experimenting with new techniques to really get out of my comfort zone in regards to practical skill. I’m not yet sure how I will do this however as time goes on I will obviously know if I’ve achieved success.
Current affairs – very broad for subject theme, while specific in time period. The first image that came to mind when presented with this title was the news boys in Victorian times; who’d stand in the street literally yelling a broadcast of current affairs. Communication in those days was as simple as word of mouth, which got me thinking – how has the presentation of current affairs changed throughout time?
In a short summary we’ve moved from a largely wasteful industry of mass paper usage and printing to now: with more environmentally conscious, digital platforms. Although the development has been vast through innovations in technology, there is still much room for improvement – especially within fashion.
The changes, developments, successes and failures within both global media changes and changes in fashion are what I will begin to explore in my initial research. I am hoping to put together some creative mood boards and interpretative art pieces (perhaps embroidery, photography or printing?) to display my research.
I have lots to think about and am feeling confident that I’ll be able to produce an outcome which will optimise my existing skills and further allow for progress alongside this.

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