End of week 1

Week 1

So, week 1 has been largely concerned with exploring initial thoughts, visions and ideas. Over the past 7 days I’ve completed workshops in digital and physical illustration, embroidery and graphic design. I collected primary research and imagery on independent outings to a variety of locations and have been inspired by both existing works and the influence that is life itself.

I’ve utilised resources including local and national publications, fashion PR packages and runway shows on YouTube to get the most advanced understanding of literal current affairs and begin collating topics for focus in my final outcome.

Instagram, twitter and Pinterest have provided additional platforms for research and an increased awareness to relevant topics.

I’ve concluded that my research and outcomes produced must be relevant, in reference to the definition of adjective ‘current’ – ‘belonging to the present time’. Although I’ve additionally looked into the ways in which news was shared throughout history, I intend on using this to provide the foundations of my decision making when mind mapping for the final outcome.

Next week I will continue with research while developing my outcomes and findings from this week and hopefully can start putting some thoughts towards my final outcome. Overall I feel confident and ready to extend research.

A message from me to me.

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