Over the past two years I’ve made a great effort to explore subjects developing my understanding on both a deeply contextual and physical level. I began this project as an intern backstage at London Fashion week, one of the most trans formative and enlightening experiences of my life so far. Here I was fortunate enough to become fully immersed in the world of fashion, learn the hardships of running a fashion brand and meet some really amazing and inspirational people along the way. I knew I wanted to explore the visual aspects of branding but it was here that I became exposed to the more hardcore and technical sides of running a fashion house, and further uncovered an appreciation for the smallest of features in branding (packaging, labels, etc.).

Whereas in previous projects I’d tend to rely on mostly secondary resources that were only relative to my concept for inspiration, for my final year FMP I collected a strong bank of material over a longer period of time. This allowed me to retrieve lots of information, spanning across an abundance of subjects which I was then able to apply to workshops and more specific research. As well as this I utilised my contacts in fashion, seeking professional opinions when necessary to maximise my knowledge towards branding and business, as well as producing outcomes of a unique and professional nature.

I sought creative inspiration from the avant-garde: iconic McQueen as well as the utopic latex fantasies of an 80s Thierry Mugler and widely referencing the use of erotic materials for power in more mainstream fashion. As well as this my pathways followed the moral direction of influences like Fashion Scout, Fashion Revolution and Redress championing sustainability and social empowerment. I am proud of the progression I’ve made regarding my morals, particularly those surrounding environmental protection and social justice. I know this’ll be something that stays with me as I enter the next level of industry and beyond.

Furthermore I’ve made a massive leap of progression in digital skills, developing a passion in graphic design on Adobe Creative Suite as well as photography and styling. I’ve tried to include some samples of previous work to display the contrast from my personal learning progression.

In review of my final outcomes I’m really not as satisfied as I’d imagined I’d be. I think that I did a lot of research based activity and focused primarily on the finer details and reasoning within my brand than the collection itself – this was also partly as a result of poor planning. Some workshops took too long while others veered seemingly pointless, having little to no contribution to my final piece (e.g. too much time was spent on my CV so sacrifices had to be made, e.g. the time spent designing garments for the capsule collection).

If I were to do this project again I’d definitely reevaluate my production plan and schedule allowing myself enough time to write up some annotations and evaluations.

My writing style is naturally quite critical so although my proposal states that I wanted to complete peer reviews and self evaluation, I feel I did this simply by picking out things that other people said or I’d noticed myself. In my opinion I’ve justified and thoroughly supported my workshops. The only other thing I’d like to have done more of was artist research however as my brand was very personal, I didn’t want to take too much influence and become reliant on existing collections. This is a big change for me from the start of the course as I’d conventionally begin research looking at someone else then building up research to include a more personal contribution.

I hope that throughout my project I’ve been able to effectively portray my message. The aim was to take a material that is typically over sexualised and introduce it into mainstream fashion to bring back the power to people in their choices, centring on the notion that clothing doesn’t correlate behaviour. I want people to have freedom for expression in every aspect of their lives so felt one way to do this is changing consumer mindset on a particularly misinterpreted fabric.

As my end goal, post Fareham, surrounds digital marketing and fashion show/event production, I feel that having a little practise for designing a brand was almost like a very small scale dry run for the big wide world.

I’ve loved every minute of my time at college and hope to continue bringing my enhanced creative skill to the new chapter of my life at LCF.

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