FMP: Evaluation

Thought this project I have gained many new skills, some of which I will use more than others. I’ve throughly enjoyed researching into my chosen theme and feel that I’ve been able to produce a showcase to a standard of work appropriate to my ability at the end of the first year. On the other... Continue Reading →

FMP Year 1: Final Photos (DSLR)

Here are my final photographs taken in an outdoor location with natural light only. I used the aperture priority setting meaning that I was in control of everything besides shutter speed - which changed depending on the aperture variable. I'm not as pleased with the outcomes as I feel I would have been in a... Continue Reading →

FMP – The Art of Origami

EXPRESSION THROUGH PAPER Within the concept of manipulation one of the art forms I wanted to explore was origami. This uses the technique of folding to achieve contemporary paper sculptures using a single medium - paper. Initially I’d assumed it would be too difficult to realistically achieve anything worth exploring in my FMP, however was... Continue Reading →

FMP – Year 1: Bibliography

Bibliography - Kelly, I. Westwood, V. (2014). Vivienne Westwood (1st ed.). Pan Macmillan. - THE FLIPSIDE. (2018). [Exhibition]. Selfridges, London. - All free exhibits. (2018). [Exhibition]. Tate Modern, London. - Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion. (2017). [Exhibition]. V&A, London. - Multiple authors (2018). British Vogue. (Issues Feb, Mar, Apr & May) - Yudin, V. (Director). (2015). Jeremy... Continue Reading →

FMP Photography: Power Dressing Mini-shoot

POWER DRESSING MINI SHOOT In definition, power dressing is the concept of using clothing to imitate the idea of wealth and authority. The trend in fashion captures the zeitgeist of the late 70s and into the 80s for emerging businessmen, politicians and formal industry employees. The concept enforces the perception of authority and wealth and... Continue Reading →

FMP Photography: The Importance of Facial Expression

The importance of facial expressions in fashion photography: Obviously the primary focus within fashion photography is the clothes, right? Well unfortunately there are many crucial aspects involved with setting the tone to make for a successful shoot. Firstly is the setting. This isn’t actually what I’m exploring today however the location is equally as high... Continue Reading →

FMP – Year 1 (final week)

Monday I’ve started the final week of FMP, in London on my internship - doing the stocktake. It’s allowed me to get a really well developed insight to the kinds of garment styles, fabrics and quality produced within the company as well as enabling me to familiarise myself with the stock, names and numbers. Although... Continue Reading →

FMP – Year 1 (week 7)

Monday As intended I spent today making the remainder of my garments. The first shirt I put together was a really short and fairly enjoyable task. I began by measuring 27cm from the bottom and drawing a line. This ended up just below the two large pockets on the front. I cut along this line... Continue Reading →

FMP – Year 1 (week 6)

Monday Today was a really exciting and nerve wracking day for me. I started an internship with a small fashion house in London and really had no idea what to expect. For further details on how this went see my blogpost on 'Internship day 1’. Tuesday I needed to start preparing some firmed up ideas... Continue Reading →

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