University open day: Ravensbourne

On my second open day visit I felt naturally more prepared for what to expect. Prior to arrival I'd heard through my tutor the apparent greatness of the actual building itself however pictures did not do the exterior justice. I was in awe at the architectural design and attention to detail from the building. As... Continue Reading →

Mock interview: evaluation

Having a mock interview was particularly beneficial to me. I found it enabled me to verbally process what it is I'd like to do and to actually give myself an understanding of why it is I want to attend university and specialise in the fields mentioned. Having never been certain on what it is I'd... Continue Reading →

University open day experiences: UCA

On arrival at my first university open day I had no expectations for the experience. The campus layout was fairly simple and banners and student representatives were on hand to show the way. I'd initially thought that the welcome talk was essential however after attending subject specific session I found that a lot of the... Continue Reading →

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