End of week 1

Week 1 So, week 1 has been largely concerned with exploring initial thoughts, visions and ideas. Over the past 7 days I’ve completed workshops in digital and physical illustration, embroidery and graphic design. I collected primary research and imagery on independent outings to a variety of locations and have been inspired by both existing works... Continue Reading →

Inspiration: Saatchi Gallery

As a regular visitor of the Saatchi Gallery I thought it would be a good place to start with this project. I've collected primary imagery from exhibits I took a particular liking to including a wall of collaged fabrics. I think that within my project I'd like to have fabric boards as this is also... Continue Reading →


So, week 1. The brief has just been launched and my head is buzzing with ideas. My aim in this project is to try experimenting with new techniques to really get out of my comfort zone in regards to practical skill. I’m not yet sure how I will do this however as time goes on... Continue Reading →

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